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Ethically Sourced Luxury Spreads

Whether you are looking for a little luxury to start your day or a special addition for a show-stopping dessert, it's worth taking a moment to check out our delectable range.

We've searched the world for the tastiest spreads that are packed with goodness, honestly produced and free from palm oil.

Vegan? Gluten-free or avoiding sugar? We've got a treat for you too.


We’ve selected the very best spreads from the world’s most renowned chocolate specialists to create a collection especially for you. Working with artisans and chocolatiers, we tried, tested and chose only the smoothest and most delicious spreads that we found, all naturally sweetened.


Our luxury spreads are packed with heart-healthy hazelnuts and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Every one of our divine blends is full goodness. With healthy fats from carefully sourced hazelnuts and antioxidants from the best cocoa on the planet, this luxury can really be enjoyed every day.


We only work with suppliers committed to sourcing ingredients ethically. We are passionate about the environment and protecting habitats. All of our products are Palm-Oil-free. Our suppliers share our values; preferring to establish non-exploitative local partnerships and source great ingredients honestly.

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