We’ve hand-picked only the most delicious spreads made without artificial preservatives or additives by companies who share our values and ethics. We never compromise in our commitment to protecting the environment, ensuring that ingredients are ethically sourced without harming habitats. We believe in less being more, and in the deliciousness of simple.  Our suppliers use carefully selected cocoa blended with the delicate and exquisite aroma of the finest Piedmontese hazelnuts and only the very best natural ingredients. Our goal is to satisfy each and every palate; offering a selection of dark, milk chocolate, coffee and even one with a dash of Cuban Rum. Go ahead and try our range of delectable spreads, but be careful: we know one jar is never enough!

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  • Dark chocolate spreads

    These spreads are meant for those who can’t resist the decadent taste of dark chocolate. The deep flavour of the cocoa steals the spotlight in favour of a lower sugar content; eaten on a slice of bread or used as ingredients for your desserts, these spreads will give you the boost you need to get through the day with all the energy that a busy life needs. Stay healthy and… Join the dark side!

  • Hazelnut spreads

    One of the best insights of the Italian culinary tradition was to join the deep and decadent flavour of cocoa to the delicate aroma of hazelnuts. Our spreads allow you to enjoy this amazing taste while following a healthy diet: the essential nutrients contained in the hazelnuts improve the circulatory system’s health and help strengthen your skin and hair. Give in to one of the most beloved Italian temptations, you will not be disappointed!

  • Coffee spreads

    If you wish to have a natural and healthy boost of energy in the morning, these spreads are definitely for you: the deep aroma of coffee meets the decadent taste of the best varieties of cocoa. The caffeine contained in this important ritual of the Italian tradition promotes digestion and encourages weight loss. Try our coffee spreads and stock up on energy!

  • Alcoholic spreads

    The amazing taste of the best liquors perfectly complements the flavour of chocolate, creating surprising combinations that will tickle your palate. Despite its deep and decadent taste, chocolate is very hard to couple with beverages. Alcoholics take this complicated task and come out with one of the most surprising tastes you’ve ever tried. Our alcoholic products are perfect to end a lunch or a dinner party: surprise your guests with the novelty of our spreads! 

  • Light chocolate spreads

    These spreads add a touch of sweetness to the decadent taste of cocoa. We handpicked the best products in order to ensure that your love for chocolate meets a healthy lifestyle, thus offering only those spreads that are palm oil-free and gluten-free. Try the rich and creamy texture of our spreads and tickle the palate with the taste of the most exquisite varieties of cocoa for a moment of pure joy!

  • Vegan spreads
  • Organic spreads
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